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WheatonNet Message Board Frequently Asked Questions
(and Answers)

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Who is responsible for the content of this Message Board?

The WheatonNet Message Board is unmoderated. The responsibility for the content and opinions in any message rests solely upon the person who posted that message. Neither WebHarmony nor its representatives, nor any specific Wheaton area citizens group, is responsible for the content of the messages on this message board.
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How do I use this?

Type your name, e-mail address, and a subject for your post in the appropriate boxes. Then type or cut and paste your post into the large message box. Review what you have written then click on the "Post" button and your information will be added to the WheatonNet Message Board.

Be sure to provide a descriptive "Subject" for your post, unless you are providing information as a "follow up" to someone else's message.

If you don't see your post immediately, don't resend it! Your post is on the WheatonNet Message Board but the Web browser on your computer has not updated the page. To force it to load the new Message Board rather than the page in your computer's local cache click on your Web browser's reload button.
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Do I need to type in my e-mail address?

Adding your e-mail address is not a requirement of posting. However, by adding your address persons who wish to answer you directly are afforded the opportunity to do so by clicking on your name.
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How do I create a new topic?

To create a new topic, simply post a message without highlighting any of the current topics. Be sure to provide a descriptive phrase in the "Subject" box so that others may discern the relevancy of your topic to their interests.
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Why didn't my post show up?

If you completed the form fields and clicked on the "Post" button then your post was sent, but because your browser did not reload a new version of the page, you can't yet see it. This will happen if you haven't set your Web browser to continually clear its "cache." To see your post just reload your browser and it will then be visible.
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I posted something some time ago that is no longer relevant, how can I remove it?

You can't directly remove a post, but you can message the board administrator and request its removal. If you are posting time-sensitive material, please include a "Remove after" date at the end of the post. That way the post can be removed as a part of normal Message Board maintenance.
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Oops! I posted something in error, can I erase it?

You can't directly remove a post, but you can message the board administrator and direct him to remove it. Since the post will not be removed immediately, you might consider posting a "follow up" to your message pointing out that it was done in error so that others can disregard its information.
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For how long do posts remain on the Message Board?

Posts will remain on the Board for as long as their content is of relevant interest to the Wheaton Hills community. If an unusually large number of posts are placed on the Board at any given time their number will be culled to enhance the Board's utility.
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